Our team

More ways to play. Even more ways to have fun.

We are the creators of Activity Original for iOS. Board game that has been popular for over 20 years. Hey, 6 million people can’t be wrong!

And on the iPad, Activity brings even more fun to the game you already love.

Performance and design. Taken seriously.

When we’re developing, our vision is to make an app that we want to use. We don’t want to make compromises. And most of it all, we do not want bugs. That’s why we think that apps should be a result of a great collaboration between design and smart UI. 


Valentine’s Postcards is a result of our vision (and hard work). 

It’s not just about design. It’s also about performance.

Creating an entirely new design means adopting entirely new technology.

When we visualize the new products, we want a remarkably thin and light design. But it’s nearly impossible to make a product so thin and so light without sacrificing features.

We can always take the easy way out and design something more reasonable and less remarkable. But we don’t want to. If a component isn’t small enough, we re-imagine it. And yes, we love it the hard way, because we think this is the right path to make a great product.

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