It's Valentines!!!


Hey everyone!


It's that time of the year again. The day when we remember our loved ones. You know, that special someone who keeps us warm at night, comforts us and reminds us how life can trully be beautiful.


And to make things easier for everyone, we've created a super sweet and simple app for your iPhone or iPod touch called Valentine's Postcards.


Create your own beautiful postcard within seconds by selecting one of the designs we've prepared for you and customizing it with your own photo.



Not feeling very confident about your love lines? Have no fear! We've prepared a bunch of very beautiful love quotes for you that'll warm the heart of your loved one guaranteed.



If you have a secret crush and would like to remain unknown to the sender, we've now made that possible to with the anonymous sending option. Now you can e-mail all of your old symphaties with out them knowing who you are.


Sounds like your kind of thing? Get it now from your local App Store ;)